About our trips

  • The trips take place in selected locations and meet special conditions that make them attractive, such as: nature and landscapes, culture, unique geography and pleasant to ride or challenging for Mountain bike lovers.
  • This is about interact and meet local people and their customs.
  • On some trips, transfers are made, in order to avoid inconveniences in particular areas and get closer to certain places.
  • We always have a support vehicle or more, with which the transfers are made and that can carry any cyclist in the event of desire or being tired. On the tour in Cuba, where you go with saddlebags the stages are carried out without the support vehicle and transfers are made only twice, but if necessary it would not be difficult to get a local transport. In some sections of the crossing of the Pyrenees, Alps, Costa Rica or Patagonia, cyclists do some sections along paths without the support vehicle.
  • Shorter trips last for one week. And the longest, such as the longitudinal crossing of Patagonia last a month.
  • The journeys offered are multiple, always very interesting and circuits that were already relieved personally by the organizer.
  • Mariano, is involved in all the trips organized and which also participates, he remains close to cyclists pays attention to the care and safety of each. Agnese, his Italian colleague who has already made more than 60 trips with Patagonia-Biking, participates and collaborates in many of the trips.
  • When traveling in India, Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia, we rely on trusted local agencies and we have a group of assistants who prepare the shops and make meals.
  • The stages pedaling, were created to, in most cases, so that any cyclist fairly trained can complete.
  • In all cases attention it is given to the security and high mountain crossings acclimatization.
  • These are not competitive cyclists crossings and those used to run, will probably feel uncomfortable. It is common that throughout the day, breaks are made: to enjoy the sites, carefully observe, meet local people, take pictures, reconnect with the rest of the cyclists.
  • During the day energetic and natural foods are provided. Also enjoying the local cuisine, to taste exquisite dishes.
  • In many trips, accommodations are in hotels, inns, local houses and were selected to provide comfort and warmth to customers.
  • In the most inhospitable places, we do natural camping (Ladakh, Tibet, Patagonia) or sleep in gers (Mongolian case).
  • In some places we stay in schools and we contribute to to local communities or association.
  • We also organize trips for private groups, the places and conditions that are required by our customers.

Who Participates?

People with a strong desire to travel, lover or fan of bike and with the desire to share an experience.
Of different nationalities, predominantly Spanish-speaking and Italian. Also Dutch, Swiss, German, English, French …
In most cases, participants do not know each other and meet for the first time when they start the trip. For many it is interesting to share and meet colleagues, regardless of nationality.
Although the average age range of 45 years, we have had a boy 10 years, Swiss, who made the crossing of the Himalayas, with his parents. Also an Italian gentleman of 75 who completed the trip to Mongolia and Transpatagonia.
Many of the people involved in traveling, did it previously and returned for other trips or repeat the same one. Often, a new customer, will find within the group, some “old friend” of Patagonia-Biking, returning. And that, is the best guarantee of service!

Programs and difficulty travel:

We offer a calendar with different travel choices, which vary in duration from one week to one month. For each trip, there is a daily program, where the number of kilometers that are made and in some cases the difference in level is detailed, as well as the type of terrain in which we ride. It is important that every person interested in participating reads carefully the program and evaluate if they are physically capable to do so.

In the journeys made in altitude, a health certificate is required and is suggested that the participant performs a stress test and a blood test.

Bikes and Equipment:

Within the service we offer we do not include the bike, but on some trips, there is a possibility that the participants will rent one at the site.

We recommend traveling with your own bike, as being more physically comfortable, especially on trips where pedaling stages are long. We suggest not travel with new bicycles that has not been tested in advance or seats nor pedals that you are not used to.

  • It is Extremely important that before the trip, the bikes have been checked by a mechanic and they are in perfect condition.
  • A bicycle midrange is recommended and that does not have accessories sophisticated, because in some places it may be difficult or impossible to get spare parts.
  • Each cyclist must bring two spare inner tube, removal keys, allen keys kit and a small inflator. Also brake pads or other spare parts that may be necessary for the bike.
  • A canteen or camelbag.
  • A small bag (to carry under handlebar) or backpack to carry. some warm clothes or for rain, camera, some energy food, coolant gel pouch.
  • Mandatory helmet.
  • Clothing or apparel will depend on the area to which you go and the climatic conditions each cyclist is accustomed.
  • Towel.
  • Baggage must be minimized to facilitate transport.
  • Sugerimos una valija o bolso medio y una pequeña mochila, que podrá ir en el vehículo de apoyo, con elementos que el ciclista pueda necesitar sobre la marcha.
  • Personal Cleaning items and personal first aid kit.
  • The sleeping bag and mat are required only on trips where camps are held.
  • The tent, just for travels when camps are conducted and when is not provided.