About us

We are specialists in providing travel; for all those who want to know and enjoy the world by bike, practicing bicycle touring and with a dedicated support team that provides excellent service.
For almost two decades we have made about 150 voyages in 15 countries and some of this trips, have become classics, such as Patagonia, Bolivia-Peru, Nepal-Tibet-Ladakh, Mongolia, Cuba, Costa Rica, etc. Our experience and our customers, who return us for new journeys, support our experience (see travels archive)

Mariano Lorefice

Began as an adventurer, from young, making his first major trip to Patagonia with 17 years of age. Completed more than a round the to the world by bike and performed many extreme tests, which helped him to see the world and explore his physical potential as Ultra triathlete.

Mountain Bike Guide: title recognized by the prestigious Accademia Nazionale Italiana di Mountain Bike.

Heber Orona

Prestigious mountain guide and trekking, Director of Heber Orona Expediciones.
As a mountaineer, he stands out for having been the first Argentinian to achieve Everest without oxygen and the 7 peaks of each continent. To learn about his amazing curriculum or hire him for an expedition in remote mountains you can see: http://www.heberorona.com
He participated in and attended the first group that made Extreme Altiplano in 2002 and together with Patagonia-Biking, he made Altiplano Extremo and other Andean cruises where the trips are enriched with his exclusive presence. Read more

Why Patagonia-Biking?

As a kid, I realized that Patagonia generated much attraction in me and it was an invitation to dream about magnificent places and adventures. I lived far more than 1600 kms and for a boy of few resources, Patagonia was distant and unattainable. With only 17 years I got to do my first bike ride (solo and with panniers) to the Lanin National Park. From that trip, I discovered the treasure that my bike could transform into, with which I could reach places that seemed attainable only in my imagination. Since the late 80s, until 1995, I was forged as a cyclist, “no Internet” and in a field that was still wild.

Ushuaia; “The city at the end of the world” it stopped being an impossible target and on several occasions, making laps to Argentina or leaving for Alaska, it was a key milestone for the start of a trip or the end of the great journey

We call ourselves Patagonia-Biking, not only because Patagonia is an amazing place and that every traveler should visit. But also because Patagonia inspires you to dream and keep traveling. In Patagonia I started, I was shaped and made. From there I began to travel and see the world. Ever since, through “Patagonia-Biking” I can share with all those who want to live their lives on their bikes, fantastic places and see the world!