“Italy coast to coast”

A few days ago we concluded another beautiful trip through “Bella Italia”, with the magnificent company of two couples. A trip to always recommend!

We share the opinion of the protagonists and some photos

Now we are in Argentina ready for other adventures in the Andes:
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Every trip with Mariano Lorefice is a guarantee!  The trip was a spectacular experience among wonderful landscapes, ancient towns, archaeological sites and cities of art.  Each stage was a discovery, each place food for the soul.  Mariano, in addition to being a guide who puts his heart and soul into it, is also a very good photographer and has immortalized all the best moments of our experience with countless photos and videos.  Thank you Marian!  I’m ready for the next trip!

On June 26 we left Marcelli (Le Marche region) to cross Italy by bicycle from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian.  A wonderful trip to say the least where we visit countless towns and cities, each with its own peculiarities that recall a time gone by.  About 580 km covered in 9 days and each day with a surprise, pedaling between immense crop fields, river fords and narrow and fascinating paths.  An experience to do as soon as possible, to get to know Italy in a different way.  A special thanks to our guide, Mariano Lorefice, who was able to combine effort/fun with unforgettable views of the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

This trip impressed me a lot, especially for the places that Italy offers to Mariano’s clients.
The ride is quite challenging, but the organization makes it very simple and achievable for riders looking for something beautiful and satisfying.
Personally, I recommend the tour to all those who are looking for a new experience on two wheels with a healthy pleasure from the first to the last day of the trip.

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