MTB journey between Bologna and Florence

These days with a group of friendly clients we traveled the famous “Via degli Dei”, a beautiful mtb journey between Bologna and Florence. We have overcome a difference of + 3700m in 130 km on trails in the Apennines, with technical sections where sometimes you have to push and load the bike. A tough tour but also very fun, with the prize of enjoying nature, art and the good company of friends!

From Florence to Bologna, we return by the old “Via degli Etruschi” and “La Lana e della seta”. A nice proposal close to where I live and that I hope to repeat again next year!

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Great journey, from the Abra de Acay (4895 masl), and Quebrada de Humahuaca, to the Yungas jungle, PN. Calilegua (600 km)

Places: Salta, Cuesta del Obispo, Cachi, La Poma, Abra del Acay (4895msnm), San Antonio de los Cobres.

Salinas Grandes, Cuesta de Lipan, Purmamarca, Humahuaca, Hornocal, Abra de Zenta (4600m), San Francisco, PN. Calilegua, S.S de Jujuy.

Important: whoever wishes can participate in the first part of the trip: “Travesia del Abra del Acay” or in the second part of the trip “Quebrada de Humahuaca y selva de yungas”
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We also propose Patagonia trips!
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