Have you ever visited the most beautiful places on the planet by bicycle?

Cycling is a completely different experience from a classic holiday…

It allows you to get in touch with the most unspoilt nature, see places out of every imagination and discover unique realities.

Patagonia Biking has been organizing cycling trips for years to fantastic places where nature has remained the master and unspoilt.

Our cycling tours alternate between breathtaking landscapes and remote cities and features, and will allow you to connect with your body and the cultures we will visit.

We have 4 confirmed trips, in different parts of the world, extraordinary destinations to travel by bike to live a unique emotion.


We have already made these trips several times and thanks to our experience we can ensure you a cycling trip like you have never done before. If you have not yet participated, please come with us to:

In Andean South America

A journey that will allow us to know the treasures of Bolivia with its unique landscapes in the world, with an extension available develops in the North of Argentina, Quebrada de Humahuaca.

In Mediterranean Europe

From coast to coast, from the Adriatic Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea. We will ride in nature, through streets and paths, joining cities of medieval origin in a unique and evocative itinerary that crosses: the Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany.

In Central Asia

We will visit Kyrgyzstan, cycling among green hills, snowy mountains, steppes, small deserts, near lush rivers and calm mountain lakes. Among places of great scenic and historical charm, we will ride on the ancient "Silk Road" and in the territories inhabited by Kyrgyz nomads.

In the East "the land of high steps"

We will walk the Ladakh, also called Little Tibet, a small mountain region enclosed between the Himalayas and the Karakorum. A path that will give breathtaking views, endless spaces, and that will bring us very close to the peaceful Tibetan culture. Choose the right experience for you! Find out more about each trip and book your bike adventure now. ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION
Patagonia, 4 trips: ☆ from 500 to 2,700 km ☆ from one week to one month.
(20/01/2024 to 27/02/2024) More info
Ladakh: “The land of the High Passes”, between the Himalayas and Karakoram
Ladakh: “The land of the High Passes”, between the Himalayas and Karakoram

This trip is done in an area called “Little Tibet” and  it can be considered as a paradise for those bicycle riders who love mountains....

Kyrgyzstan by bicycle
Kyrgyzstan by bicycle

Kyrgyzstan is considered the Shangri-La of Central Asia. It is a small nation whose predominantly mountainous territory is surrounded by vertiginous peaks belonging to the...

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