“Magic Mountains”

Crossing the Calchaquíes and Humahuaca valleys, to the jungle of P.N. Calilegua (Salta-Jujuy. Argentina).

A journey in which we travel the most beautiful mountain passes, including the Abra del Acay challenge (4895 m) + 7 abras (passes), over 4000 meters above sea level. A journey where oxygen is scarce, but where you can lose your breath, for the beauty of the landscapes! 

The participants of this trip say:

“A breathtaking journey. In every sense!”
“Once again, your travel proposal has been a winner and has fully met my expectations! Nothing new in terms of attention, assistance, availability, loyalty, professionalism. What’s” new “in every trip is the culture of the people that you make us known and there is the territory that you make us discover … sometimes with undeniable effort and sweat! Struggle (I speak for myself) up to almost 5,000 to reach the Abra del Acay, along the legendary Route 40, it was not a walk in the park, but by participating in your travels I have learned to never doubt the stages on the agenda. Crossing the provinces of the North West of Argentina was the most spectacular and rewarding cycling experience I have ever undertaken. A continuous crescendo of surprises and emotions step by step”


“Journey full of colors but above all of emotions that remain in your heart, every day other enchanting breathtaking views, and the search for countries far from tourism where you can breathe the original Andean air”

Anna and Bruno

“Super trip, well organized with a very varied itinerary on dirt roads in good condition and little frequented. Perfect duration with the possibility of acclimatizing and recovering.
Mariano was exceptional and looked after us wonderfully”

Giovanna and Giulio

24 Apr 2022
Photos of the last travel in “Magic Mountains”

1st day – Salta (1200masl):
Meeting in Salta, with the presentation dinner.
Overnight: hotel.

2nd day – Molinos (2000masl):
Transfer by van to the Cuesta del Obispo, to cycle the last stretch (10 km) to the “Piedra del Molino (3400 masl), the summit of the Cuesta del Obispo. We go down to Seclantas, passing through the Los Cardones National Park and the “Ruta de los artesanos”
Pedaling: 75 km (gravel) +800m -1500m.
Overnight: hotel

3rd day – Cachi (2280masl):
“Quebrada de Las Flechas”.
Transfer by van.
Pedaling: 60 km (gravel). +400 -700
Overnight: hotel.

4th day – Cachi (2280m):
cycling around Cachi, on dirt roads and paths, about 35 km + 700m.
Free afternoon.
Pedaling: 35 km (gravelroad)+700m
Overnight: hotel.

5th day – La Poma (3040m):
In this stage we will enjoy the splendid landscapes of the Cachaqui Valley, pedaling gradually uphill, always along the Calchaqui river. We will pass through narrow narrow and beautiful canyons. We will stop at Estancia de Palermo, Pueblo Viejo and make a detour to the “Garganta del Diablo” gorge.
Pedaling: 60 km (gravel). +1100m
Overnight: B&B

6th day – House de Pacha (3940m) – La Poma (3040):
We will cycle to Pacha’s house (3940 masl), 32 km. We will leave the bikes and return with the van to La Poma. This will be a stage with some difficult sections, due to the difference in altitude and altitude.
Pedaling: 33 km (gravel) +900m
Overnight: B&B

7th day – San Antonio de los Cobres (3775 masl):
Transfer to Pacha’s house. In the first part we will go up to Abra de Acay (4895 m) and we will complete 16 km with an altitude difference of 950 m. In the second part of 45 km we will make a long descent along a panoramic frame path.
Pedaling: 62 km (13 km of asphalt) +1200m
Overnight: hotel.

Day 8 – Purmamarca (2200masl):
Transfer to Salinas Grandes (3500 masl). We will do the last 15 km uphill, to Abra de Potrerillos (4170 masl), from where we will descend towards Purmamarca, making a descent of 35 km and 2000 meters in altitude, along the Cuesta de Lipan.
Free dinner.
Pedaling: 50 km (asphalt).
Overnight: B&B, bungalows.

9th day – Humahuaca (3000 masl):
After taking a mtb ride through the colorful landscape of Purmamarca, we will go to Humahuaca, doing some sections on trails and visiting the beautiful villages of the “Quebrada de Humahuaca” (UNESCO), such as: Maimara, Tilcara, Huacalera and Uquia
Pedaling: 65 km, mostly on asphalt. + 900 m, – 200 m
Overnight: hotel

10th day – Humahuaca (3000 masl):
route to be decided with the possibility of climbing the Hornocal (4300msnm) of 25 km (gravel). +1300.
Free dinner.
Overnight: hotel

Day 11 – Caspala (3100masl):
This stage ends in Caspala, which has been chosen as one of the 3 most interesting villages in Argentina. We will make a short transfer in the van. We will pass through spectacular viewpoints such as: El Hornocal (4200 masl), Abra de Zenta (4380m), Abra Azul (4550m), Abra del Viento (4520m), Abra sin nombre (4600m). We would travel 45 km on a plateau more than 4000 meters above sea level. At the end we descend through the spectacular “Cuesta de la Serpiente” to the Caspala river.
Pedaling: 70 km (gravel). +1200 -2050.
Overnight: B&B

12th day – Caspala (3100msnm): Free day.
Path to be decided.
Overnight: B&B

13th day – San Francisco (1260 masl):
It will be a spectacular stage, with long downhill sections, cycling on red earth and green landscapes with exuberant vegetation. We will pass through the villages of: Santa Ana, Valle Colorado, Valle Grande.
Pedaling: 80 km (gravel) +1200 -2800
Overnight: B&B

Day 14 – San Martin (450msnm)
Skip: We will enjoy the last leg of cycling, inside the Calilegua National Park and the Yungas Biosphere Reserve. Finally we will make a transfer in the support vehicle to the city of Salta. Inn.
Free dinner.
Pedaling: 45 km (gravel) +400 -1600

Salta, P.N Los Cardones, Molinos, "Quebrada de las Flechas", Valles Calchaquies, Cachi, La Poma, Monumento Natural Abra del Acay, S.A de los Cobres, Purmamarca, "Quebrada de Humahuaca" (UNESCO World Heritage). Humahuaca, Caspala, San Francisco, P.N Calilegua.

650 km

The commitment of this trip is determined by the fact that you pedal almost entirely at high altitude (between 2000m to 4900m). Experience and knowledge of the path have taught us to better manage the situation. Stages pedaled at a leisurely pace

they can fluctuate between 5 ° and 25 ° C. With the possibility of dropping below 0 ° C, in the highest places

van with bike racks. It will carry your luggage and possibly the people who will need it.

3 people. Maximum 8 people.

  • The presence of guide Mariano Lorefice.
  • 14 nights in hotels and B&B
  • 9 dinners and 12 lunches which may consist of sandwiches, fruit or a simple dish in local taverns. Refueling throughout the day with energy foods, fruit and water
  • Support of a van, to make the transfers, carry the stuff and get in in case of any need.
  • Basic mechanical assistance and 1 spare bike for the group.

  • food on free days and where mentioned in the program
  • optional excursions.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.