“Following the Incas ‘s footsteps” from Titicaca’s Lake to Machupicchu (Bolivia-Peru).

On October we completed the Himalayan crossing and a week later, we started a trip in the heart of the Andes. We love mountains and we offer to our friends and customers the best of them!
On this trip, we discovered the Andean culture, in a diversity of surprising landscapes, from the jungle of yungas to the high peaks. We alternate our walk, with colorfull markets and archaeological sites.
The fantastic Machupicchu, which seems to levitate in the clouds, is even more an special energy center, for those who came pedaling and walking, following the route of Manco Cápac (First Inca), who historically was born in the sacred Titicaca and headed to Cusco (“Navel of the World”), to found the largest Andean Empire.
We thank the cyclists who shared this adventure and invite you to join us in the next edition, scheduled for April 2020.Don’t miss it! Click here