A tour designed as a continuation of the journey in Puglia, or as a unique journey in a fascinating land. It is a quiet trip, whose main ingredients are relaxation, the enchanting sea, and above all its scents and colors. Travelers will keep forever the memory of the infinite variety of shades of blue and green colors that the sea will offer. You will cycle through winding coastal roads, inebriated by the intense scent of Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, saltiness, and brooms. It will be like leaving a trace, with the wheels of the bikes, on the color palette of an impressionist painter. Local restaurants, with blue tables and chairs, will offer native foods during our breaks. Frozen beers, Greek salads rich of genuine ingredients, “Feta” sheep cheese, fresh fish. Fantastic diving from dream beaches, dinners by the sea, and talks in front of a glass of “Ouzo,” typical liqueur made with Anise, on the notes of a Sirtaky. You will cycle along the historic roads, meeting places that have undergone various dominations over the centuries; Roman, Byzantine, Venetian. What about the mythical island of Ithaca of Odysseus, whose history, sung by the poet Homer, is among the best known in the world. A journey that will offer beautiful rides, overwhelming emotions, and especially the longing to come back again to these places.

25 Jun 2019
Photos of the last travel in Greece

Day 1: Meeting in Brindisi and night ferry to Igoumenitsa.

Day 2: Igoumenitsa – Parga.
Coastal road with some significant ascent, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, rich in perfumes. Numerous high points over the sea, from which we will admire the islands of Corfu and Paxos. Two villages along the way, Plataria, and Sivota Murto, where it will be possible to stop for refreshment. The road then continues with numerous ups and downs, among rich and colorful vegetation. Expected arrival in the town of Parga, a trendy tourist destination. It is a charming village, overlooking a small harbor, which develops along a slope, steps up to the summit, the goal of an ancient castle. The long beach at the foot of the hill is gorgeous.
Distance: 51 km.
Ascent: +1000
Overnight: Hotel

Day 3: Parga – Santa Maura (the capital town of the island of Lefkada).
Leaving the town of Parga, the road continues, surrounded by olive groves. A few more climbs then a descent towards the valley, wide, partly occupied by the delta of the River Acheron. Here, along the banks of the river, just before reaching the sea, stands a small village, with quaint restaurants. There is the opportunity, consistent with the travel schedule of the trip, to make boat trips going up the river. From Ammoudia begins a stretch of road that we will travel to reach the island of Lefkada. The first part is sometimes busy with traffic, but it will allow us to reach the island of Lefkada. At one time the stretch of sea between the island and the mainland ran up typical boats that transported few vehicles at a time. Today the two banks look at each other, sadly abandoned, perhaps remembering the times when they were full of humanity in transit. The modernization, which continues to suffocate the small local world, provides us with a tunnel under the sea, for a fee, which we will be forced to cross on vehicles, as pedestrian and bicycle traffic is not allowed. Beyond the tunnel, begins a beautiful stretch of road, which passes a territory full of charm, sea, Mediterranean scrub, swamps, often the presence of flamingos, up to the capital of the island, the Santa Maura Town, protected by imposing Venetian walls.
Distance: 80 km
Ascent: +900
Overnight: Hotel

Day 4: Santa Maura – Poros beach.
It will be a stage with many ups and downs riding along the island counterclockwise. We will come across some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Port Katsiki, also called the jump of Sappho. Here, in fact, the cliff is visible from which, it is said, the poet Sappho, launched herself, taking her life for love. It will then be the turn of the beaches of Vassiliki, a village located in a windy bay, a destination for surfers from all over the world. We will then pass through the small town of Sivota Bay, today a destination much appreciated by sailors, who find their shelter from the southern winds, protected in its long and internal bay. Poros Beach, a beautiful bay, which we will reach after a long descent, will be our destination today. The view of the bay from the restaurant terrace of our hotel is extraordinary.
Distance: 60 km
Ascent: +1800
Overnight: Hotel

Day 5: Poros beach – Itaka (Island of Ulysses) – Vathi.
The first part of today’s ride will be a bit tiring, the pretty yesterday’s downhill, turns today into a challenging climb. It is however only 4 km, then we will descend again to the sea, with a very scenic road. Before the final stretch, we will stop to take some pictures and admire the bay of Nidri, where hundreds of sailing boats are anchored. Reached the port of Nidri, we will embark for Ithaca Island. We will disembark after about 90 minutes of navigation in the small port of Frikes, a small village to the north. We will visit the small village on the sea of Kioni and then head towards Vathi, the capital. The road is very scenic, with numerous bumps and breathtaking views on both sides of the island. Kefalonia on one side, Kastos and other islands on the other. Once reached Vathi, compatible with travel schedules, we could reach a small town, about 10 km south, Sant ‘Anastasio, where recent studies have found traces of the remains of the Palazzo Reale Di Ulisse.
Distance: 60 km
Ascent: +1300
Overnight: Hotel

Day 6: Vathi – Pisaetas – Argostoli
Leaving Vathi, we will ascend the small ridge of the island to descend on the western slope to the small embarkation of Pisaetus. From here we will take a ferry to Kefalonia, where after about 30 minutes, we will board the port of Sami. We will coast the island heading south, to reach our destination today, the capital, Argostoli.
Dinner and overnight stay
Distance: 70 km
Ascent: +1100
Overnight: Hotel

Day 7: Argostoli – Fiskardo.
From Argostoli, the scenic road, often overlooking the sea, will offer many points for unforgettable views over the crystal clear sea. The path climbs through a series of ups and downs pointing north. We will ride through the village of Assos, closed in its enchanting bay, passing by the well-known beach of Myrthos, to finally reach the small village of Fiscardo. It is a small harbor, in a protected inlet, with crystalline waters, the destination of many vacationers by boat.
Distance 50 km approximately
Ascent: +1500
Overnight: Hotel

Day 8: Fiskardo – Preveza.
Departure by ferry in the morning, destination Nidri, on the island of Lefkada. From here we will continue along the coast heading North, crossing many villages on the sea, which we will always have on sight on our right. Among the visible islands in front, a short distance away, the famous Skorpios, an island owned by the Onassis family. A 40 km ride today, going through the town of Santa Maura, will take us back to the submarine tunnel, which we will cross in the direction of Preveza. City on the sea, where dinner and accommodation are planned.
Distance: 40 kms
Ascent: +500
Overnight: Hotel

Day 9
Departure in the morning by private transport to the city of Igoumenitsa, (2 hours car or van). Along the route, we plan a short hike, with a small excursion, in the town of Glyki. This is the site where the river Acheronte (source) is born, a fascinating place from a naturalistic point of view. Lunch and dinner free choice. Departure from Igoumenitza by night ferry to the port of Brindisi.

The journey begins in the city of Igoumenitsa, port of arrival of the ferry. You will travel along the old coastal road, nowadays with not much traffic. We are in Ionian Greece. Along the coast, overlooking the sea, the villages of Plataria, Sivota Porto Murto, the beautiful Parga. The small town of Ammoudia, the city of Preveza. Once we reach the land we will be headed to the Ionian Islands of Lefkada, Ithaca and Cephalonia, with their beautiful locations such as Port Katsiki, Vassiliki, Nidri, Poros, Santa Maura (Lefkada), Argostoli, Assos, Fiskardo, Sami, (Kefalonia), Frikes, Kioni, Vathi (Ithaca).

430 km (in 7 stages of pedaling), of asphalt pedaling. There will be several transfers, with support vans and means of transport and 4 ferries to reach the islands.

Difference in altitude: + 8100

20°C - 30°C (68°F - 86°F).

Mariano Lorefice and another local leader/driver.

We recommend a hybrid bike, mountain bike with road tires or gravel. The bike can be rented in Brindisi for € 190

minimum of 5 persons. With less than 5 persons the cost would increase.

  • Accommodations: always in good standard hotels (3 stars)
  • 7 nights with breakfast, 6 dinners.
  • 6 lunches like sandwiches, fruit, and water or meals in local restaurants (first course or salad and mineral water).
  • Transfers as per program

  • a dinner, extra drinks, entry to archaeological sites, unplanned visits and possible guide service in archaeological sites.