Mongolia by bike: Following the traces of Genghis Khan


Fascinating country, inmense valleys and green rolling hills with intriguing desertic distances where one could easily feel as a cycling Genghis Khan touring the intricate paths and overwhelming silences. The Mongolians are hospitable and curious.

Surely there will be occasions where you will be invited into their traditional “gers” and taste a cup of hot milk. Mongolia is a country not easily forgotten. We invite you to discover it from the Siberian end on lake Hovsgol all the way through the Gobi desert. Along the way and through its “green heart“ meet Tibetan monks and nomad shepherds

1 Aug 2015
Photos of the last travel in Mongolia by bike: Following the traces of Genghis Khan

Day 1 – Ulaan Baatar:
Arrival to Ulaan Baatar
Lodging: in hotel.

Day 2 – Amarbayasgalant:
Transfer to Orhon (5hrs by car ). Cycling to Amarbayasgalant, one of the oldest budist temples in Mongolia.
Hutag Ondoor 60 km (gravel road ).
Lodging: in traditional Ger

Day 3 – Urantogoo- natural reserve – Gers UNIT:
The distance from Amarbayasgalant is 220 km, we cycle about 100 km then a transfer on jeep to the ger camp.
Daily biking ride:100 km (most of it on gravel road).
Lodging: in ger

Day 4 – Hutag Ondoor:
Daily biking ride: 75 km. Gravel road .
Lodging: in tent

Day 5 – Ih ull:
Daily biking ride: 115 km. Gravel road .
Lodging: in Tent .

Day 6 – Hovsgol:
Daily biking ride: Cycling 107 km (10km paved ) to Moron. Afterwards by car 105 km to Hatgal (lake Hovsgol).
Lodging: Camping in Ger.

Day 7 – Hovsgol:
Day off . option: boat trip or horseback riding
Lodging: camping in Ger.

Day 8 – Moron:
Return to Moron by car.
Daily biking ride: 75 km mountain biking, gravel road
Lodging: Camping tent

Day 9 – River Jargalant:
Daily biking ride: 92 km, gravel road.
Lodging: Camping near the river

Day 10 -White Lake (Tarhin Nuur):
Daily biking ride: 85 km on gravel road to Tarhin Nuur (white lake).
Lodging: camping in Ger

Day 11 – Tarhin Nuur:
Day off. ( Trekking up a volcano).
Lodging: camping in Ger

Day 12 – Green valley:
Daily biking ride: 110 km gravel road
Lodging: camping in tent

Day 13 – Tsenher – hot springs:
Daily biking ride: 75 km to Tsetserleg, then 40 km by jeep to ger camp.
Lodging: camping in Ger

Day 14 – Kharakorim:
Daily biking ride: 70 km gravel road per Kharakorim. Last stretch of the road on transfer and visit to a monastery of 108 ‘stups’ and ancient city.
Lodging: Camping in Ger

Day 15 – Gobi – Saikham Ovoo:
We bike for about 25 km. Transfer to the Gobi desert by car 250 km. We go mountain biking just the nicest sections
Lodging: camping in Ger

Day 16 – Bayan Zag:
(170 km by car). We bike for about 60 km through the desert.
Lodging: camping in tent.

Day 17 – Saijrah (Dalanzagad):
90 km by car to “Moltsog Els” sand dunes. We bike for about 45 km. We take a short hike to Yoliim Am canyon for about 4 km.
Lodging: camping in Ger

Day 18 – Aerial return to Ulaan Baatar:
In the morning return flight to Ulan Baatar
Lodging: in hotel

Day 19 – Ulaan Baatar:
Return to Europe


minimum 8 people. Registration should be confirmed four months in advance otherwise a 15% will be added to the price.

  • 3 Vehicles 4x4 WD.(3 drivers)
  • 1 Mongolian guide (english and spanish speaking)
  • One cyclist guide
  • 1 cook and assistant
  • Lodging at hotels
  • Camping with full gear (tents, every 2 paxs, dining tent)
  • Tourist camping sites in Gers (mongolian tents)
  • Meals (all of them)
  • Entrance to the temples and assisted explanation
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Ulan Bator Airfare (domestic flight)

  • international flight tickets
  • airport taxes
  • alternative excursions
  • tips for the guides and extras

  • Mountain bike or hybrid, with gravel and paved road tires and prior mechanical check up Helmet.
  • Water bottle or water backpack (Camel).
  • Sleeping bag and Thermarest
  • Tent only if you want a single tent
  • Head lamp or flash light with spare batteries
  • Trekking shoes
  • Backpack (this is for the Inca trail trekking with capacity to carry your sleeping bag, change clothing your personal gear and 2 liters water)
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medication
  • Sunblock lotion and lipbalm
  • No need for saddlebags unless you want to carry your own camera

  • Bike pants short & long
  • Running pants, Windbreaker
  • synthetic long sleeve shirt
  • T-shirts
  • Polar fleece jacket
  • Gloves
  • Socks synthetic & wool
  • Rain poncho (optional)
  • Sandals or spare tennis shoes
  • polar neck