An adventure mountain bike trip that goes right into the heart of Patagonia. Connecting the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, crossing the Andes and riding through Patagonia along the Somuncurá plateau.

We follow off the beaten roads and single track paths while discovering fantastic views and also meeting the local population.

8 Nov 2017
Photos of the last travel in Transpatagonia

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Pacific ocean, Puerto Montt (Chile), Llanquihue lake, ascent to Osorno volcano, hot springs resort Aguas Calientes, crossing the Andes Puyehue pass (1.300mt), Peninsula Quetrihue (arrayanes forest), Villa La Angostura, Bariloche, Maquinchao, Somuncurá plateau, Telsen, Puerto Madryn Atlantic Ocean.

1.260 km (1000 km gravel road, 250 km paved road, 55 aproxx. on van)

Medium to high. Daily 90 Km rides of 5 hr.. Divided in two sections ( morning - afternoon) . Short stops for water and snacks have been taken into consideration every 2 or 3 hs. The average speed is approx.. 22 Km./h . The wind blows from the west and we can almost guarantee that it will not be a problem.

Between 5 ºC and 25ºC (we recommend you to bring along a sleeping bag with “comfort bellow 0ºC”). The weather is usually dry but you may experience rainy days at the Andean region and Chile.

Mountain bike or hybrid, with gravel and paved road tires and prior mechanical check up
Water bottle or water backpack (Camel).
Sleeping bag and Thermarest
Tent only if you want a single tent
Head lamp or flash light with spare batteries
Sunglasses ,
Personal medication ,
Sunblock lotion and lip balm ,
No need for saddlebags unless you want to carry your own camera.

minimum 5 people and maximum 8. Registration should be confirmed one month in advance otherwise a 15% will be added to the price.

  • Support vehicle
  • All meals (4 daily plus snacks and beverages)
  • lodging at tents and 4 nights at hostels and cabins
  • mechanical assistance and spare bike

  • Bus fare back to Bariloche
  • transfer Bariloche to Puerto Montt by bus
  • leisure day meals
  • flight tickets and airport taxes
  • everything not mentioned as included
  • tips and extras

  • Bike pants short & long
  • Running pants
  • Windbreaker
  • synthetic long sleeve shirt
  • T-shirts
  • Polar fleece jacket
  • Gloves
  • Socks synthetic & wool
  • Rain poncho (optional)
  • Sandals or spare tennis shoes