An adventure mountain bike trip that goes right into the heart of Patagonia. Connecting the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, crossing the Andes and riding through Patagonia along the Somuncurá plateau.

We follow off the beaten roads and single track paths while discovering fantastic views and also meeting the local population.

8 Nov 2017
Photos of the last travel in Transpatagonia

Day 1 – Puerto Montt (Chile):
Meet at hotel. Welcome dinner
Lodging: hotel.

Day 2 – Puelo (Chile):
We start our mountain bike trip biking by the Pacific ocean coast line. We cross on boat to Caleta Puelche, we continue mountain biking on a gravel road for 45 km, in the Reloncavi bay (Pacific ocean). We stop at a cabins lodge at the village of Puelo.
Daily biking ride: 65 km (15 km on gravel road)
Lodging: cabins

Day 3 – Ensenada (Chile):
We go mountain biking to the end of the Reloncavi bay with occasional cliffs over the Pacific ocean with wonderful views. On this section the ocean looks just like a lake with tall leafy forest, big ferns and big leaf plants called ‘nalcas’. We bike along a typical South Chilean town called Cochamo.
Daily biking ride: 75 km. (30 km on paved road)
Lodging: cabins by the Llanquihue lake

Day 4 – Hot springs spa “Aguas Calientes” (Chile):
The first 20 km we mountain bike through the Perez Rosales National Park on gravel roads with uphill and downhill sections surrounded by thick leafy forest by the Llanquihue lake coast line. then we continue mountain biking by the coastline of Rupanco lake. When we get to Puyehue lakes we continue biking on paved road to “Aguas Calinetes” Hot springs which is in the Puyehue National Park. Hot spring baths are optional
Daily biking ride: 115 km (55 km paved road)
Lodging: cabins

Day 5 – Villa La Angostura – Crossing the Andes:
After 55 km of biking we reach Cardenal Samore Puyehue Pass ( at 1350m) from here we have a 20 km long downhill section. We ride with our mountain bikes past lakes Espejo and Correntoso.
Daily biking ride: 95 km, on paved road.
Lodging: in hosteria – inn

Day 6 – Villa La Angostura:
Leisure day. In the morning you may visit the unique Arrayanes national park 24 km (12km + 12 km) through single tracks to Peninsula Quetrihue. These biking trails are considered a bit tougher or more technical for mountain biking. (up and downhill sections with branches and roots on the way, not so smooth single tracks but wonderful for a bit of adventure on your mountain bike). At the end of the trail you get to the unique Arrayan forest (trees with smooth, cold bark of a reddish brown color with white spots). In the afternoon, if you prefer you, may return on a boat to Villa La Angostura.
Daily biking ride: on single track trails 24 km (optional).
Lodging: hosteria – inn (same as night before).

Day 7 -San Martin de los Andes:
We mountain bike on the so called seven lakes road (Camino de los Siete Lagos) which goes through the Nahuel Huapí National Park and Lanin National Park. The road is uneven with downhill and uphill sections along the lakes coasts line surrounded by thick leafy forests.
Daily biking ride: 110 km (60 km gravel road).
Lodging: Cabins.

Day 8 – Villa Llanquin:
Mountain biking along Meliquina lake coast line we bike uphill to the Córdoba Pass, then we descent to a beautiful amphitheater where flow three rivers in the same pike. We then continue mountain biking the last 25 km on paved road along the Limay river enjoying great views of the curious rock formations of this landscape.
Daily biking ride: 100 km (75 km gravel road, 25 km paved road).
Lodging: Camping.

Day 9 – Intersection – turnpike school Route 40:
We head east, the first 25 km along the Limay river, on a off the beaten track with no car traffic, entering the Patagonia steppe on the road called ‘línea sur’. Arriving to a rural area where there is a school for the local children in quiet poor state
Daily biking ride: 85 km gravel and dirt road.
Lodging: Camping.

Day 10 – Ing. Jacobacci:
The wind on our backs will help to finish the day. We ride through rural areas where we can see local native fauna species such as Patagonian rabbits (maras), foxes and birds. This will be a long mountain biking day with a 1300 high pass and several uphills and downhills, the last one 40 km long. Good quality of gravel road.
Daily biking ride: 127 km gravel road. Approx. 6 hours
Lodging: hotel.

Day 11 – Lagoon hut:
We pass along Maquinchao turning to route number 5. This is the only flat section of the whole mountain biking trip.
Daily biking ride: 95 km gravel road.
Lodging: camping by the lagoon shore

Day 12 – Barril Niyeu school:
dust road in good condition past El Cain and detour south. Here is where we enter the mysterious Somuncura plateau. The landscape changes, the colors vary, there are some oasis and lagoons on the desert land. The last section of the mountain biking day goes on a single track which lead us to the small Barril Niyeu school, where we will have the opportunity to experience the local people kindness and friendliness. We will eat a special barbecue (Patagonian lamb barbecue) we will have the chance to get a hot water shower and sleep on a comfortable mattress.
Daily biking ride: 85 km gravel and dirt road
Lodging: at the school (boarding house)

Day 13 – Gan Gan:
Paths and tracks past two lagoons. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the biking trip, mountain biking on single tracks and off the beaten roads discovering unique villages and local people on the way. Wind still on our backs
Daily biking ride: 125 km gravel road
Lodging: at the school like a hostel

Day 14 – Telsen – Puerto Madryn:
This desertic section of the biking trip we pass along Telsen. We go on the van (support vehicle) for a part of this section.(good wind.
The road has some hills).We arrive to the Atlantic ocean to Puerto Madryn.
Daily biking ride: 120 km gravel road
Lodging: hotel, farewell dinner

Day 15 – Puerto Madryn:
Leisure day. There is an option to go on a wildlife observation tour where you may see local fauna (ñandues – kind of ostrich, foxes, guanacos, sea lions, seals and whales) at Valdez Peninsula.
Daily biking ride: 130 km
Lodging: hostel-inn – hosteria

Pacific ocean, Puerto Montt (Chile), Llanquihue lake, ascent to Osorno volcano, hot springs resort Aguas Calientes, crossing the Andes Puyehue pass (1.300mt), Peninsula Quetrihue (arrayanes forest), Villa La Angostura, Bariloche, Maquinchao, Somuncurá plateau, Telsen, Puerto Madryn Atlantic Ocean.

1.260 km (1000 km gravel road, 250 km paved road, 55 aproxx. on van)

Medium to high. Daily 90 Km rides of 5 hr.. Divided in two sections ( morning - afternoon) . Short stops for water and snacks have been taken into consideration every 2 or 3 hs. The average speed is approx.. 22 Km./h . The wind blows from the west and we can almost guarantee that it will not be a problem.

Between 5 ºC and 25ºC (we recommend you to bring along a sleeping bag with “comfort bellow 0ºC”). The weather is usually dry but you may experience rainy days at the Andean region and Chile.

Mountain bike or hybrid, with gravel and paved road tires and prior mechanical check up
Water bottle or water backpack (Camel).
Sleeping bag and Thermarest
Tent only if you want a single tent
Head lamp or flash light with spare batteries
Sunglasses ,
Personal medication ,
Sunblock lotion and lip balm ,
No need for saddlebags unless you want to carry your own camera.

minimum 8 people. Registration should be confirmed one month in advance otherwise a 15% will be added to the price.

  • Support vehicle
  • All meals (4 daily plus snacks and beverages)
  • lodging at tents and 4 nights at hostels and cabins
  • mechanical assistance and spare bike

  • Bus fare back to Bariloche
  • transfer Bariloche to Puerto Montt by bus
  • leisure day meals
  • flight tickets and airport taxes
  • everything not mentioned as included
  • tips and extras

  • Bike pants short & long
  • Running pants
  • Windbreaker
  • synthetic long sleeve shirt
  • T-shirts
  • Polar fleece jacket
  • Gloves
  • Socks synthetic & wool
  • Rain poncho (optional)
  • Sandals or spare tennis shoes