Time for mountains!

Last week we completed the crossing of the Pyrenees. You walk along little-trafficked paths and sometimes in complete solitude, you cross marvelous mountains, wild plateaus and medieval villages … A treasure close to great European capitals, difficult to imagine!

Now we are pedaling in Kyrgyzstan, in the Pamir mountains, with the oriental flavor of the “Old Silk Road” and the beauty of green meadows, rushing rivers and blue lakes. We ride among the nomads and their herds of animals and in the background the fantastic snowy peaks that crown the “celestial mountains” of Tian Shan.

Patagonia-Biking, knows how to take you to places near and far to ride between magical and mystical mountains !!
You are still in time to come with us to Tibet through the Himalayas, next October.
Or in November on the Andes to discover the ancient Inca route, between Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu.