Nepal-Tibet: from Kathmandu to Lhasa


This trip crosses the worlds highest mountain range. Through the green valleys of the Himalayas and the tibetan highlands reaching the foot of Mt. Everest .
Reach the sky by your own means cycling at 5.300 mts . Discover the vastness of an endless landscape and its local culture that calls for some soul searching through inner paths.

Known as the “Friendship Road“, it’s the only one that connects the capital of Nepal with Lhasa. Most of it is unpaved and some sections are almost abandoned with cyclists being the “majority”.
The distance to cover is 1.100 km . We begin in Katmandú (1300 mts.a .s. l.) from there we descend to Dholaghat ( 540m.a.s.l.) and gradually we ascend through verdant valleys, with waterfalls and small villages along the way.
Once we have reached the tibetan high plateau we detour to Rongbuk (4920 m.a.s.l.). There we trek to the Everest base camp.

We stop at Gyantse, Shigatse and at the main Tibetan cultural attractions. Including small villages where the ancient culture of these mountain people has remained almost intact.
Before arriving to Lhasa city we camp by the sacred Yamdrok lake (4600 mts. a.s.l.) This great lake has the shape of a scorpion.
In Lhasa we might be surprised and moved by the tibetan pilgrims arriving after a long journey to Jhokang. These fervant pilgrims cross their mountain country by foot and we will be there to experience all first hand.

10 Oct 2013
Photos of the last travel in Nepal-Tibet: from Kathmandu to Lhasa

Day 1 – Kathmandu:
Arrival and meeting in Kathmandu (1.320mts/m)
Lodging: in hotel.

Day 2 -Kathmandu:
tour to surrounding areas visit to Pashupatihinath and Bhoudanath ,the biggest stupa in the valley. Visit the city of Patan . Dinner on your own (not included)
Lodging: in hotel

Day 3 – “Borderland resort” – 12 km after Bahrabise (870 m.a.s.l.):
We cycle along panoramic views with abundant vegetation where we can see terraces with rice crops, waterfalls and hanging bridges.
Daily biking ride: 98 km
Lodging: bungalow

Day 4 Zhangmu (2.350 m/a.s.l)
we continue mountain biking at kilometer 20 we cross the border to Tibet.
Daily biking ride: 29 km partly paved
Lodging: in hotel

Day 5 – Nyalam (3650 mts/a.s.l.)
We continue mountain biking in Tibet though winded roads and steep cliffs and spectacular panoramic views of green valleys and river.
Daily biking ride: 35 km.
Lodging: guest house

Day 6 – Campsite (4300 mts) , 10 km before Thang La (5050 mts):
We visit the Cave of Milarepa
Daily biking ride: 45 km
Lodging: camping by the river

Day 7 – Campsite (4300 mts) , 10 km before Thang La (5050 mts):
Acclimatization day, short hikes in the surroundings
Lodging: camping by the river

Day 8 – Gurtso (4350 mts):
In the first 12 km of our mountain biking traverse we ascent to Thang La (5050 mts/m) pass with 6% level difference. Then we have a short downhill cycling part and again we ascent to the (Lalung La 5000msnm pass, finally we have a long downhill stretch to a wide valley with scaterred villages.
Daily biking ride: Cycling 70 km
Lodging: camping.

Day 9 -Camping (4350 mts/m), 15 km after Tingri:
Easy cycling on almost flat roads with great views of the ChoOyu and Everest
Daily biking ride: Cycling 55 km, 15 km on gravel road
Lodging: camping near a village.

Day 10 – Rongbuk (4920 mts):
Tough cycling section. At km 25 we reach the Lamna La (5000masl) pass, with section up to 12 % level difference. Finishing our mountain biking day at the Rongbuk monastery, one of the highest in the world
Daily biking ride: 58 km
Lodging: small hotel or monastery

Day 11 – Mt. Everest Base Camp (5040 mts):
16 km ( 8hrs approx. . trekking or by bicycle) to the Everest Base camp From Rongbuk we have a stretch of 50 km mostly downhill pedalling, to a surrounding village of Padu.
Daily biking ride: 50 km gravel road
Lodging: camping

Day 12 -New Tingri (Shegar)(4300 mts/m):
Tough section of the cycling trip. We ascent on our mountain bikes for about19 km, until we reach Pang La pass (5150masl). From this pass you get an amazing view of the Himalaya mountain ridges. Then we continue cycling for 18 kms with winding downhills until we reach the paved road turnpike from there we continue cycling for 18 km crossing the Shegar, 15 km before Lhakpa La (5220 mts/m).
Daily biking ride: 55 km (37 km on gravel road)
Lodging: guesthouse

Day 13- Renda (4050 mts):
We have an easy mountain biking uphill stretch with great views of the Everest, at km 50 we reach the Lhakpa La pass (5220mslm). Then we have a long cycling downhill ending in the Lhatse town, located in a wide fertile valley. We camp by the Renda hot springs.
(aprox.20 km after Lhatse)
Daily biking ride: 98 km
Lodging: camping

Day 14 Shigatse (3860 mts):
Long but easy mountain biking section, cycling through to short and easy passes: Yulong La (4520m) and Tra La (4050m).
Daily biking ride: 140 km on paved road, not strenuous
Lodging: small hotel

Day 15- Shigatse (3860 mts):
day off .
Optional: visit to the monastery of Tashilumpo.
Lodging: small hotel

Day 16 – Gyantse (3990 mts):
Easy cycling day through Tibet, with no level differences.
Visit Palkor Chode, Khumbun. Afternoon and dinner on your own.
Daily biking ride: 95 km., paved road.
Lodging: hotel

Day 17 -Langla (4300 mts):
We continue mountain biking with a short ascent section to Simi La pass (4330m) cycling downhill to an emerald color lake.
Daily biking ride: 67 km paved road
Lodging: Camping

Day 18 – Dzong (4450 mts/m), by Yamdrok lake shore:
We have an uphill cycling section to Karo La pass (5050m), with amazing views of the glaciers. We the have a downhill cycling section to the shore of Yamdrok or “scorpion” lake, with unique form
Daily biking ride: 84 km.
Lodging: camping

Day 19 – Lhasa (3700 mts):
We ascent on our mountain bikes to the Kamba La pass 4800 m then we have a quick downhill of 20 kms cycling section, until we get to the bridge which crosses the Brahmaputra river. We continue mountain biking along the riverside until we get to Lhasa, ending at the foot of the “Potala palace”
Daily biking ride: 110 km (paved road).
Lodging: hotel.

Day 20 – Lhasa (3700 mts):
a visit to the Barkhor market, the temple of Jokhang and Potala (optional). Afternoon and dinner on your own.
Lodging: hotel

Day 21 – Kathmandu:
Flight to Kathmandu: Farewell dinner
Lodging: in hotel

Day 22 – Kathmandu:
Day off . Tour interesting sites
Lodging: in hotel

Day 23 – Kathmandu:
Flight back home, end of services

1.100 km

Medium to high at certain sections of the trip .The good planning of the different sections allows an adapting period while enjoying the landscape and meeting the people .
Without over demanding our body, we will reach the "worlds roof ". The down hill sections have a gradient of no more than 6 % and allow cycling without difficulty .
We cycle an average of 75 km per day , - 6hrs per day ( maximum 125 km and a minimum of 35km) .

minimum 5 people. Registration should be confirmed 4 months in advance otherwise a 15% will be added to the price.

  • Permits to enter Tibet
  • Visits to monasteries
  • museums and tours which are marked with guide
  • Flights: Lhasa-Khatmandu

  • airport taxes, visas
  • Drinks and meals during days off, optional excursions, tips

  • Mountain bike or hybrid, with gravel and paved road tires and prior mechanical check up
  • Helmet
  • compulsory
  • Water bottle or water backpack (Camel)
  • Sleeping bag(comfortable , -8 C°) and Thermarest
  • Tent only if you want a single tent
  • Head light or flash light with spare batteries
  • Trekking shoes
  • Backpack (this is for the Inca trail trekking with capacity to carry your sleeping bag, change clothing your personal gear and 2 liters water)
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medication
  • Sunblock lotion and lipbalm

  • We suggest that you bring clothing that is usually worn for cycling during tough winters . Frost is common and temperatures range from a minimum –8 C° at night to a maximum 25 C°