Crossing the Himalayas: from Kathmandu (Nepal) to Lhasa (Tibet)


Since 2001, we offer this great adventure and this year, we repropose this Grand Classic!

In this Himalayan crossing we will gradually ascend: from the green valleys of Nepal to the foot of Everest to reach our final destination Lhasa. Few agencies offer this challenge and choose to do it in the opposite direction, we think the path to the contrary is to take away the magic of the places and the triumphant thrill of arriving at the foot of the Potala palace in Lhasa.

Now, the route is paved in Tibet, which can make the journey easier, but the effort will continue to be important and the excitement of making this mythical journey will be unforgettable!

In this Himalayan crossing we will gradually ascend: from the green valleys of Nepal to the foot of Everest to reach our final destination Lhasa. Few agencies offer this challenge and choose to do it in the opposite direction, we think the path to the contrary is to take away the magic of the places and the triumphant thrill of arriving at the foot of the Potala palace in Lhasa.

In Tibet now the route is paved and this makes the journey easier, but the effort continues to be important and the excitement of concluding this legendary route will be unforgettable!

The Himalayan chain separates these two lands preserving very different cultures and landscapes: Nepal, where the green color predominates and the water flows between rice fields and waterfalls and the heat brings people away from home and in the temples full of flower garlands; Tibet, where the predominant color is that of earth and rock, of the snowfields, of the sparkling air and of the turquoise colored lakes and where people live the religion in a way gathered in the monasteries lit by butter candles.

The Everest will be a special moment of the journey, and it will be undeniable the emotion of being approached so much with our bicycle.

A journey that will be lived and cycled calmly to acclimatize and enjoy the most of the landscapes, meetings and all the unique situations that we will experience …

an unforgettable conquest!

27 Nov 2019
Photos of the last travel in Crossing the Himalayas: from Kathmandu (Nepal) to Lhasa (Tibet)

1° day – Kathmandu:
Arrival, in the morning and meeting in Kathmandu (1.320mt). Start. Presentation dinner
Overnight: at Hotel.

2° day – Kathmandu:
Management (visa) to visit Tibet. Free afternoon. Possibility of a tour of Kathmandu: visit to Pashupatihinath and Bhoudanath, the largest stupa in the valley. Visit to the city of Patan. Free meals.
Overnight: at Hotel.

3° day – Trisuli (650 mt):
Through a landscape with abundant vegetation where you can see the rice terraces. Sections of earth and asphalt.
Distance: 70 km. Level difference: +350 – 900
Overnight: Guest house.

4° day: Dhunche (2150 mt)
We continue to climb through beautiful landscapes.
Distance: 60 km. Level difference: : +1600 – 150
Overnight: Guest house.

5° day – Gyiron (2800 mt)
We will enter Tibet through the Gyirong Pass (1800mt). Road sections on land and asphalt.
Distance: 55 km. Level difference: + 900 – 300
Overnight: Guest house.

6° day – Gyirong Valley or Zong Ga (4100 mt)
Very gradual ascent through a valley.
Distance: 55 km. Level difference: +1400 -200
Overnight: Guest house.

7° day – Day of acclimatization in the Gyirong valley (4100mt)
Acclimatization day, with quiet walks and possible visit to a monastery.
Overnight: Guest house.

8° day – Pelku Tso (4500 mt):
We will climb for 30 km, until we reach the Zong La pass (5240 mt) and then descend to Pelku Lake.
Distance: 65km. Level difference: +1350 -850
Overnight: Guest house.

9° day – Tingri (4300 mt):
During this phase, we will have a slight increase of 5 km, to reach the Lalung La pass (4800mt), at km 70. This is a long phase and the chances of doing a stretch in the support vehicle. We will pass very close to the Pagma Xixa and will have a spectacular view of this mountain.
Distance: 135 km. Level difference: + 450 -700
Overnight: Guest house.

10° day – Rongbuk (4900 mt):
Very beautiful and panoramic stage. At km 30 we will reach the Lamna La pass (5100mt). We will end up in the Rongbuk monastery, one of the highest in the world
Distance: 70 km. Level difference: +1100 -500
Overnight: Guest house.

11° day – Everest base camp (5200 mt) – Tashi Dzong (4300mt):
We will go to the entrance of the base camp (8 km, land) and then pedal, downhill 50 km.
Distance: 70 km. Level difference: + 350 – 1300
Overnight: Guest house.

12° day – Shegar. (4300 mt):
We will climb until you reach the Pang La pass (5150mslm). This passage offers a spectacular view of the entire chain
Himalayas. We will descend towards Shegar.
Distance: 60 km. Level difference: + 1100 -1100
Overnight: Guest house.

13° day – Renda (4050 mt):
We will make a new climb, always with the view of Everest and at km 60 we will reach the Lhakpa La pass (5220mt). Then a long bike ride to the city of Lhatse, located in a wide and fertile valley. We will stay close to the Renda hot springs.
Distance: 105 km. Level difference: + 1100 -1400
Overnight: Guest house.

14° day – Shigatse (3860 mt):
A long but easy stage, passing two short and easy passages: Yulong La (4520m) and Tra La (4050m).
Distance: 125 km. Level difference: + 500 – 800
Overnight: hotel

15° day – Shigatse (3860 mt):
Free day Possibility to visit the monastic complex of Tashilumpo
Overnight: hotel.

16° day – Gyantse (4000 mt):
Very flowing stage.
Visit to Palkor Chode, Khumbun of Gyantse. Afternoon and free dinner.
Distance: 93 km. Level difference: +250 -50
Overnight: hotel.

17° day – Nagartse (4400 mt):
We would take the Karo La pass (5050mt), with a breathtaking view of the glaciers and descend, to the bank of the Yamdrok lake (“scorpion”) for its curious shape
Distance: 102km. Level difference: +1950 – 1800
Overnight: Guest house.

18° day – Lhasa (3650 mt):
We will climb, our last step, the Kamba La (4750m) and then a rapid descent of 20 km, until we reach the bridge that crosses the Brahmaputra river. We continue the bike ride along the river, up to Lhasa, ending at the foot of the “Palacio del Potala”
Distance: 150 km. Level difference: +1000 -1900
Overnight: hotel.

19° day – Lhasa:
We will visit the most important cultural sites of Lhasa: the Barkhor market, the temple of Jokhang and the Potala (optional). Afternoon and dinner for free.
Overnight: hotel.

20° day – Kathmandu:
Flight to Kathmandu. Greeting dinner.
Overnight: hotel.

21° day – Kathmandu:
return flight to the place of origin

The journey will begin in the fascinating Katmandu and after a visit to the most interesting places of the city we will enter the green valleys and gorges to begin our ascent to the border with Tibet. We will pass, for Kakani, Trisuli and Dunche, up to the Gyirong pass. In Tibet, the route runs, for the most part, to the "road of friendship" since 2010 is paved, but despite this the landscapes have remained equally beautiful and the challenging route Road sections that were definitely at risk, now they are safer and easy.
Numerous passes, among the highest: the Zong La pass (5240 masl), Lalung La (4800msnm), Lamna La (5100msnm), Pang La (5150mslm), Lhakpa La (5220mslm), Karo La (5050m),
Tingri, important junction that will take us to Rongbuk (4920 m) from where we will access the Everest base camp.
Gyantse, Shigatse and many other small mountain villages will still show us much of the ancient Tibetan traditions and the spirituality of its people. Lake Yamdrok (4600m / slm), immense turquoise water with the curious shape of a scorpion. We will crown our journey with the arrival in Lhasa, a place that despite the Chinese prevarication can still be considered the cradle of Tibetan culture.

1,200 km. Asphalt in 95%

Middle-high; depending on the climatic conditions.
1200 km (95% asphalt), in 14 pedaling stages.

The careful planning of the daily stages will allow you to reach a gradual acclimatization and enjoy landscapes and contacts with people.
The positive difference in level of the whole journey will be 11,000 meters.
In challenging sections, the slope does not exceed 6%, but there will be a short stretch, where the slope will reach 12%.
You will cycle about 7 hours a day and the average daily km will be 85 km and an average altitude difference of 850 m. Generally this trip is proposed to the contrary, (Lhasa-Katmandu), but from personal experience I think that as it may seem more difficult because with more climbs, to acclimatize and avoid problems then, is the best way. And of course, I would not take away the "conquest" discourse. It is always very satisfying to savor slowly and reach the "goal".

Temperatures will fluctuate from a minimum of -5 ° C (at night and at high altitude) to a maximum of 25 ° C (Kathmandu Valley). We can have rains in Nepalese areas.

The course is asphalted in 95% and we recommend a MTB with sliding tires (semislik), or a gravel. In this journey for the bike packaging, only fully foldable cartons or soft bags can be used. We do not have space to carry rigid or bulky boxes.

Every two or three hours there will be short stops, to get some water and some energetic food it is a longer pause for lunch. We recommend, always bring some sweets or personal bars. The support vehicle will always be available and available for any need.

5 people. The cost increases for less people. The registration must be confirmed 4 months in advance of the travel date in order to facilitate a better organization. and possibly take care of the flights.

The baggage must be of reasonable size and contain only the necessary equipment for the trip. This is important for logistics and transportation. A bag, robust and soft, is preferable to a rigid suitcase.

as it is a trip at high altitude, we require a medical certificate of physical fitness. During the journey there will always be large and small oxygen tanks. In case of serious illness the first rule will be: lowering altitude.

  • Visa management and permit for Tibet
  • Permanent assistance from Mariano Lorefice, accompanied by a local guide.
  • Support vehicles to move equipment and cyclists who want it.
  • Accommodation in tourist hotels and guest houses in some villages (see program).
  • All meals shown in the program
  • Visits to the monasteries, museums and tours indicated, with a guide.

  • airport taxes, China visa costs, 90usd
  • Drinks.
  • Meals on free days.
  • Flight from Lhasa-Kathmandu (about 340 usd). Although it is possible for anyone to wish it, return from Lhasa to their country of origin.

  • Mountain bike bicycle, with tires for asphalt, hibrida or gravel Carefully revised before the trip.
  • Maintenance kit (2 air chambers - pump).
  • Helmet (mandatory).
  • Water bottle and / or camelbag.
  • Backpack or bike bag (for ready-to-use materials: jacket ... camera, etc. ... etc.).
  • Shoes for pedaling and a walking shoe.
  • Front lamp with spare batteries.
  • Sleeping bag (we recommend a sleeping bag with comfort below -5 ° C)
  • Sunglasses.
  • Solar and labial filte
  • Personal medicine, and small travel medical kit.

  • It is advisable to bring the used clothing to ride in a harsh "winter", taking into account that in the morning it can reach freezing. We estimate a minimum temperature of -5 ° C (only at night) and a maximum of 25 ° C.